Saturday, July 3, 2010

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TS Dating Guide is a site for transsexuals and men that want tips on how to meet. Transexual dating is becomming more popular all over the world as we enter a new open minded era. Transgender dates are usually a more secretive affair at first as men are unsure about how the outside world will react.

How to prepare for a date after chatting on a dating site
You've made a date with someone you like. The best military cupid will help you. This is an important moment. No need to stress though. If the person agreed, you have already partially seduced them. Relax by telling yourself that you have more to gain than to lose. Try to agree on a meeting place that you both feel comfortable with. Allow time for the meeting. It would be silly to cut short a nice chat because you have a business meeting to honor. You have to approach this moment with an open mind and a genuine desire to enjoy it. It is important to show that we made a real effort to see the other. This kind of attention is very revealing for the person you are to meet. Also choose an outfit suitable for the location and event. We don't dress the same whether we go to the opera or the local cafe. There is no need to prepare as though for a ceremony, especially if you are leaving work. Ladies, avoid overly outrageous makeup.
How to address a transgender person?
Terms like shemale and ladyboy are not politically correct as they are used for the porn and sex industries. Transgender, transwoman, transsexual (should be spelt with double 's', not transexual), Tgirl, trans, TS, are all acceptable and really depend on the person. You should always refer to a Male to Female TS as 'she' not 'he'. If unsure just refer to your date as a woman or girl.

Why do some guys love TS more than genetic women?
This is not an easy question to answer, it usually begins as a sexual fantasy. Some men find TS more fun to be with and they also find transsexuals easier to relate to. This is understanding as transwomen also had some experience living life as a male early in life.

Is it gay to be attracted to transsexuals?
Everyone has different opinions on this. Lets just say that if a guy was gay then surely he would date men instead of TS who are often more femenine than many genetic women.

Is sex different with transgenders?
If you have watched shemale movies then you will know that there are more options. Everyone has their own preferences though. Transwomen want to be treated like a lady in and out of the bedroom. For most people the act is similar to normal hetrosexual sex, the lady just happens to have a larger clit. Some TS are versatile, but many find the idea of penetrating a man unthinkable, so it is worth asking about this before dating.

Do all TS still have their genitals?
In the western world many have had SRS (sexual re-assignment surgery). However a large number are happy to leave their body alone. You should certainly ask about this is you are looking for something specific.